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Keep Your Friendships Strong.

We make friends wherever we are: school, parties, even coffee shops. But when you don’t see your friends every day, you run the risk of losing touch.

Stay in touch using Friendship API!

  • Get suggestions on who you need to catch up with.
  • Receive ideas for starting new conversations.
  • Ignore spam and work emails to focus on your friends.
  • Don’t worry about logins — you can mark incorrect suggestions or unsubscribe directly from your own email.

How Does Friendship API Work?

Friendship API’s suggestions are based on who you’ve emailed often in the past, as well as who you haven’t emailed recently.

  • You sign up for Friendship API.
  • We sort through your email securely to find your friends.
  • You send out emails to catch up with your friends based on our suggestions.

Your Email is Your Email, Always

We use Context.io’s API to access your email, keeping your information secure and away from prying eyes. You always have full control over your own email.

See Context.IO's Privacy Information for more details on how they will secure and use your data.

We don't store any of your email on our servers: everything is accessed solely through the Context.IO API.